Cine film available in due course

posted 15 Jun 2015, 09:47 by Notation Officer

In a recent announcement (now deleted) we said we would be posting archive footage from the 1970s and 80s to Youtube.

In doing so, we unwittingly broke a publishing embargo. We now understand that the films will be made available through the Wessex Film and Sound Archive who have full publication and exploitation rights.

We have accordingly taken the films down and wish to apologise to Roy and those working with him to make these films available.

More notation wanted

posted 1 May 2013, 08:30 by Notation Officer   [ updated 1 Jul 2020, 13:32 ]

Do you have Morris dance notation you are prepared to see published here?  We're trying to build up a picture of Morris Dancing as performed at the start of the twenty-first century.  We are particularly looking for instructional material - the foreman's notes, the side's aide-memoir for new dancers, workshop notes etc.  Anything that gives more detail than just the names of the dances!

now online!

posted 23 Sept 2012, 07:02 by Notation Officer   [ updated 28 Apr 2013, 10:26 ]

Yes, we finally have a site to hold the MF library of dance notation!

At the moment (28/04/2013) most of the library is still only on paper.  Rather than scan everything in at once, I intend to scan "on-demand".  When an item is requested, it will be scanned in, sent to the requester and posted in the Document Library.

Use the Master Index to identify the documents you would like to see.

As new items are scanned an announcement will be made here.  Subscribe to posts using the link at the top of the page to be kept informed.

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